S&S Cranes (Aust) Pty Ltd


Crane Parts & Service

Due to our time in the crane and hoist industry we have available ex stock in a large range of spare parts to suit SWF, STAHL, MAN GHH, DIMAG, ABUS, MUNCK, KULI and many other local and overseas brand equipment.

drive wheel


Drive wheels are forged steel or spheroidal castings.
Our drive wheel assembly is like no other in the industry. It allows quick and easy wheel removal without special tools.




splined drive axle

A splined drive axledirectly engages the output shaft of the crane drive.





absorption buffer

Impact Absorption Buffers at both ends absorb energy.








Our motors have Class Finsulation. Large surface cooling fins are used for excellent heat dissipation.





disc brake

A DC rectified disc brake is automatically applied in the event of power failure. The brake is self-adjusting, and virtually maintenance free.